Sunderland  ......once a thriving shipbuilding and coal mining community......many changes have taken place since the Victorians stamped their mark on the town. None more so than the transport system and architecture that existed around the turn of the 20th Century. You can reminisce and enjoy some of the bustling features and way of life around my home Town. It has of course now gained City status bestowed in 1992

I am grateful to the following organisations for their help in displaying these photographs:

                 Sunderland antiquarian society                  East Durham                Sunderland Echo                Norman Kirtlan

Sunderland........... the changing of a town

 The book is requiring some updates as things have changed in the city since it was completed. The book is will be finished and published in 2022 (delayed due to covid and health problems}

The whole book is derived from memories of my childhood in the East End of Sunderland and my subsequent visits there to my Grandmothers. Sunderland has undergone numerous changes, but more important is how the architecture from the Victorian era has changed to that of a modern town centre. Included in the book are notable shops that existed in a thriving shopping community as well as the old Town Hall, the revitalisation of Mowbray Park with Winter Gardens and the founding of the Empire Theatre. There are references to Vaux Brewery, coal mining, transport and the tremendous work, along with their history, our shipyards contributed to the war efforts.
The book is 9x7……. packed with pictures of Sunderland from years gone by up to the present day and at the moment stands at 164 pages and  26,400 words.

All profits from the sale of the publication will go to.....
Guide Dogs for the Blind

I believe the book will be an important part of Sunderland history and will be enjoyed by ex pats,ex shipyard workers,ex Vaux Brewery employees, transport workers and enthusiasts/historians or those who just want to compare the photography and story of different decades

Thanks to those whom have helped compiling the book and forming what will be an integral part of Sunderland history
Sunderland history