Taken in America in the 1920's...... this photograph presented us with torn edges and creases, it is also a little faded and lacking contrast.

dig out the old shoe boxes and let us restore your pictures

if you treasure your fondest memories,  we are the experts in photo restoration....our customers inform us that we are between 35% to 50% cheaper than some high street outlets. We do everything from colour cast removal to major restoration projects
Please take advantage of our superb
photo restoration service by contacting us.....bring the picture to us or send it by recorded delivery.....(please include your address and telephone number)

if you live close enough we will deliver it back to you

P&P cost £3

photo restoration

cracked and torn photographs can be a problem  (not to us) as well as pieces missing....but they can be restored using our photo restoration methods that yeilds almost as good a picture, better in some cases, from when it was taken....this photo is from 1925........... an award winning swimming team

The photograph on the left was stuck onto wooden board...some of the wood was showing through the photo. Faded and damaged, the restoration shows remarkable clarity to the original
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